Product Information

Fixed-point monitors allow for new oceanographic research

– Enables fixed-point observation through a buoy equipped with a high-resolution dimensioning and weighing detector
  Enables research on the effectiveness of fish reefs in attracting fish.
– Allows measurement for up to about one month with our original, low-power consumption technology
– Indicates the fish size and density (number of tails) of fish schools

Product Features

Product Features


Fish density measurement:Direct measurement of each fish allows for more accurate measurement.

Conventional method:【Indirect method】
Estimates are based on fish populations, so that the measurements may be incorrect.
(Incorrect fish species and body size for determining density will reduce accuracy)
Conventional method:【Indirect method】
AquaMagicmethod:【Direct method】
Less error due to direct counting
AquaMagic method:【direct method】

Fish length measurement:All fish in the image is measured, allowing for more accurate fish length measurement.

Image of conventional fish body length measurement
Measures the fish length only when the fish is detected alone
(Unmeasurable when viewed as a school of fish)
Image of conventional fish body length measurement
Image of AquaMagic fish body length measurement
Measure all the fish, one by one!
Image of AquaMagic fish body length measurement

Low power consumption technology allows you to set a reasonable observation period according to your needs.

Intermittent operation enables long-term observation up to 1 month or more. (Intermittent cycle can be set freely.)
MagicBuoy Intermittent operation
1-minute measurement with 30-minute pause= approx. 35 days of measurement!
1-minute measurement with 3-minute pause:=approx. 25 days of measurement!

Suitable for a variety of installation environments

MagicBuoy Suitable for a variety of installation environments
For heavily navigated waters: mid-level installation (up to 100m)
For measurements near the seafloor: hanging transducer (up to 60 m)


Other options and items sold separately
The optional remote water thermometer also measures water depth x water temperature at the measurement location.
remote water thermometer options
SpecificationsWater temperature measurement range-5℃~+30℃
Water temperature measurement accuracy±0.1℃
Depth measurement range0m~600m
Depth measurement accuracy1% Full Scale Relative accuracy 1m
Binger SpecificationsDepth measurementUp to 600m
Transmission pressure160dBuPa at 1m
DirectivityNo directivity
Battery life12 months (at a transmission cycle of 5 seconds)
Air Weight200g water weight150g
Display unit specificationsDimensions170X100X40
Battery9V〜28V 30mA
Wave ReceiverDimensionsφ45×150 / Cable length:15m
※ The remote water thermometer is available for purchase separately.
Using MagicView, a dedicated analysis software enables easy evaluation and analysis of resources! (Sold separately)
– Automatically generates various reports by just importing data recorded by MagicBuoy.
Sample analysis screens of middle layer installation
How to view specific analysis screens (ecological evaluation of marine resources near fish reefs)
Sample Visual

Sample Visual

Product Specification

Product Specification

Transmission count1~40 times/sec (Initial settings:7 times)
Transmission sound pressure 220dB uPa
Transmission methodCDMA
Main unit dimensionsΦ420 x 565mm
In air weight / In-water weight33 kg (Without transducer) / -4kg
Water pressure100m
Transmission pulse width1msec
Maximum detection depth2m ~ 120m
Target fish size5cm~100cm
※1 ※2
Operating hours
(Transmission count : 10)
1 : 320.5~18.8 days
1 : 524.8~22.8 days
1 : 1031.0~28.5 days
1 : 1534.3~31.6 days
1 : 3038.7~35.5 days
5 : 513.4~12.3 days
5 : 1017.4~16.0 days
5 : 3026.8~24.6 days
Battery capacity100Ah
Signal processing unit power ConsumptionWhen active:4.8wh / When inactive:0.84wh
Signal processing unit operating temperature range0 – 50℃
Transducer dimensions and weightΦ110 x 50mm・2.5kg・Directional angle 5°
※1 : The numbers on the right show the relationship between the measurement time and the sleep time (measurement time <min>: sleep time <min>).
※2 : There are individual differences in the batteries installed. The table is only a guide and does not guarantee the operating time.
Design diagram
Measurement environmentInstallation methodStandard productSurface layer・Middle layer Installation (Ultrasound downward irradiation)
Option①Middle layer installation (Ultrasound upward irradiation)
TransducerStandardBuoy installed transducer 200AF-8
Option①Hanging transducer 200AF-8 (30m)
Option②Hanging transducer 200AF-8 (60m)
Option①Dedicated returnable case (Reinforced corrugated plastic, band, handles)
Option②Enclosure protection
※ MagicView, the analysis software, is sold separately.
※ Please contact us for prices.