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AquaMagic, the world’s first technology overcoming the barrier of sound velocity

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Fish finder System

〜Sound velocity barrier for 70 years〜

Ultrasonic waves have been used in underwater exploration for 70 years. By transmitting ultrasonic waves under the sea at a speed of 1,500 m/sec, the reflected waves from the school of fish and seabed capture the fish’s shadows and topography of the seabed. Based on this principle, once an ultrasonic wave has been transmitted, the next ultrasonic wave cannot not be transmitted until the reflected wave returns. For example, if the seabed’s depth is 750 m, you can only see the sea once a second. The deeper the seabed, the faster the ship, the less exploring of the sea is possible.

<Fish Finder System>Fish Finder System
<Image of underwater exploration using conventional fish finder>Image of underwater exploration using conventional fish finder

FINE TechnologyFast INterval Echosounding )

Ultrasonic coding enables individual identification

The world’s first technology FINE Technology (First INterval Echosounding) developed by AquaFusion has transformed the general principle guiding the past 70 years. It is the world’s first adoption of the CDMA system used in radio waves for ultrasonic waves in underwater. By encoding and identifying each ultrasonic wave, it allows the continuous sending of ultrasonic waves even before the signal returns. It is said to be the first technology in the world to overcome the “Sound velocity barrier” by transmitting 40 times or more ultrasonic waves per second regardless of the water depth. For example, to locate the seabed in 10,000m depth, it will require 13.3 seconds (=10,000 m x 2 / 1500 m per sec) using the conventional technology, while with FINE Technology sending up to 10 transmission pulses per second, it is able to search the seabed at a speed 133 times faster than conventional technology. Furthermore, it is able to visualize a fish as small as 5cm, the frame of a fish reef and a 5 mm microplastic.
We believe by overcoming the underwater sound velocity barrier, the innovative technology of FINE Technology (CDMA method) will make a major contribution to the development of the marine industry, marine leisure industry, and marine development.

<System of FINE Technology>System of  FINE Technology
<Comparison of the image>Comparison of the image
<Method of Ultrasound wave transmission>
<Comparison with conventional fish finder>
<Fish identification technology of AquaMagic>
<Difference between Chirp fish finder and FINE Technology (CDMA)>Difference between Chirp fish finder and FINE Technology (CDMA)