Product Information

MagicCounter マジックカウンター
Automatic Fish counting system for aquaculture

– Automatic counting how many fish are in your aquaculture cage!
– Easy operation for measurement
– Voice notification of the number of fish
– Free support for 1 year after installation

Product Feature

Show the number of fish were moved between your aquaculture cage

In the aquaculture fishery, in order to maintain the appropriate density of fish in the fish cage, “Cage change” is performed when the fish grow for keeping the density suitable in the cage. The scheduled number of fish must be moved without fail for efficient operation. However, counting fish by human eye is inaccurate and cased many redo. This is one of the major problems in aquaculture fisheries.

The solution to this problem is MagicCounter, developed by AquaFusion. MagicCounter counts the number of fish moving from one fish cage to another with high accuracy and in real time to support accurate “Cage change”.

Image of Cage change
Cage change

Highly accurate fish-counting within 10% error

MagicCounteris a system that counts the number of fish passing through a fishway (fish passage frame) that is connected fish cages, and enables real-time confirmation on the sea. By applying Aquafusion’s patented “FINE Technology” (high-frequency ultrasonic transmission sensor and fish identification algorithm), the system can identify and accurately count the number of individual fish even when fish are crowded. This new patent-pending technology makes it possible to accurately estimate the total number of fish passing through the area, including non-measured areas. The average measurement error is within about 10%, which is accurate enough for “Cage change (Patent pending: JP-A 2022-189848).
Until now, individual fish have been measured using underwater cameras, but this method was affected by the condition in the undersea, and the images were obscured when the fish were crowded together. MagicCounter uses an ultrasonic system that allows measurements to be taken regardless of the underwater environment.

Within 10% of average error
Automatic forecasting for non-measured area

“Easy operation” and “Voice notification”

Once the device is set up, all you have to do is start the application on your PC and press a button. Measurement is very easy to start, and the display screen shows only the number of tails without unnecessary information. The PC can be stored in the case of the device.
MagicCounter also has the function of voice notification. You do not have to look at the screen all the time, because you can check the number of fish tails measured step by step from the audio. (*Set up in steps of 200 to 1,000 fish)

Equipment Installation & After-Sales Support

High-quality support from installation to after-sales service for each customer’s fish cage

The shape and size of fish cages and methods of stocking differ from farmer to farmer. We always provide counseling before installation and fine-tune the equipment to suit your fish tank and fish species before delivery. We also provide one year of free support after the installation of the equipment to help you achieve more accurate measurements.

STEP of installation (following services are included in the equipment purchase price)
Product Specification
Device Configuration
【Fish way flame (with transducer) 】
【Fish way flame (with transducer) 】
【Main Unit】
【Main Unit】
【Carry box (Transducer & main unit)】
【Carry box (Transducer & main unit)】
TransceiverTransmission count20 times / sec
Transmission sound pressure210dB uPa
Transmission methodShort pulse, 4 waves
Maximum detection depth5m
Range of motion±35°
Vertical resolution10mm
Target size of fish5cm – 50cm
TransducerDimension(consolidate unit)W 731 x D 153 x H 365 mm(In case the tranducer angle is 0 decrees)
WeightArround 15kg
Spec (Transcuder)/ Angle of beam spreadφ113×50 / 5°
Spec (Cable)φ12×30m (black)
Spec (Connector)Waterproof connector
Main UnitWaterproof performanceIP65
DimensionW 500 x D 405 x H 191 mm
WeightMain Unit:arround 13kg
Main Unit with PC:arround 15kg
Operating hoursUp to 18 hours continuous (without power supply to PC)
Battery capacity12V 18Ah Lithium-ion iron phosphate battery
Power comsumption12W
operating temperature range0 – 40℃
Main Unit battery chargerSpec14.6V10A Lithium-ion iron phosphate battery
DisplaySpecMobile PC “16 with AC adapter
Fishway flame
(AquaFusion’s std products)
DimensionW 1056 x D 694 x H 3930 mm
W 1000 x H 1500 mm (Fishway flame)
WeightArround 13Kg
MaterialAluminum (including some stainless steel <SUS304>)