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Toyoki Sasakura

Established AquaFusion Inc.. in January 2017 Prior to AquaFusion Inc., Mr. Sasakura joined Furuno Electric Co. Ltd. in 1973 and was responsible for the development of ultrasonic equipment such as sonar and fish finder. In 1984, he joined the team that discovered the Battleship Yamato. And he was appointed the General Manager of Development Department of the Marine Equipment Division. He holds a Doctorate in fisheries from the Tokyo University of Fisheries* during his career in Furuno (* now Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology). He established Fusion Inc.. in 1999 and was engaged in the underwater audio equipment development. In 2010, he joined the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology as a visiting researcher. He established Aqua Sound Inc. in March 2012 and was the Chairman of the Board. In 2012, he received the Paper Award of the Ocean Acoustics Society. (Doctor of Fisheries)

CEO & CTO Toyoki Sasakura
Ikuo Matsuo

Established AquaFusion Inc. in January 2017. Prior to AquaFusion Inc., Mr. Matsuo was an Assistant Research in 2000, and later served as a COE researcher in the Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University; and a researcher at the University-industry collaboration. During his tenure at Tohoku University, he was engaged in the research on bat bio-sonar and on-board sonar sensors. In 2005, he became an Associate Professor at Tohoku Gakuin University and a Professor since 2015. His research includes the study and application of bio-sonar on bats and dolphin; sounds of endangered cicadas and voice perception. (Doctor of Engineering)

Ikuo Matsuo
Akira Hamano

Joined in March 2020 as the Auditor of AquaFusion Inc. Prior to joining AquaFusion Inc., Mr. Hamano was in the Fisheries Agency in 1973 and joined Fisheries University as a Professor. He was mainly engaged in the research and education of fisheries acoustics and was a visiting Professor at the University of Massachusetts University Dartmouth. In 2013, he served as the Principal of the Fisheries University before his retirement and is currently the Professor Emeritus of Fisheries University. He also serves as the Maritime Assistant to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Marine Accident Tribunal and as the managing director of the ACMS Consortium * 1. In 2018, he received the Japan Fisheries Engineering Society Award. (Doctor of Agriculture) * 1: Aqua Culture Management System: Platform for the spread and development of fish cage bluefin tuna measurement system

Akira Hamano
Business Manager
Satoru Takeuchi

Joined AquaFusion Inc. as the Business manager since January 2020. Prior to AquaFusion Inc., Mr. Takeuchi spent 13 years at Toyota Motor Corporation since 2007, where he was responsible for the production control, parts shipment management and production system planning etc. for the automobile manufacturing. Subsequently, his responsibilities were in market research and sales forecast of China and Asia as well as overall sales planning for the overseas sales.

Satoru Takeuchi
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