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Fish finder goes to the Fish Identification

FINE Technology, the world’s first technology, enables continuous transmission of ultrasonic waves.
The resolution is 100 times higher than that of conventional systems, enabling the display of fish images in unprecedented detail.

For fishing vessels and pleasure boats
AquaMagic For fishing vessels and pleasure boats

– Shows the size of the fish the density of the fish population.
– Five levels of noise reduction adjustment to suit the environment
– Easy installation & compact design for space-saving installation
– Installs without the need for a dock if the transducer is compatible

For investigation and research organizations
AquaMagic For investigation and research organizations

– High-tech fishfinder that can also be used as dimensioning and weighing detector
– Includes recording, playback, and trimming functions for fishfinder data
– (Analysis can be performed with MagicView analysis software.)
– Offers portable processing as an option.

Product Features

Product Features

AQM240F / AQM240R common specifications


Fish length and density graphs provide powerful support for fisheries and resource investigations

<Graph of fish body length measurement>
Graph of fish body length measurement

※Fish body length and color display function※
By specifying the size and color of the fish you wish to see, it displays them in different colors on the screen.

<Graph of density measurement>
Graph of density measurement
<Fish identification technology of AquaMagic>

Differences between conventional fishfinder and AquaMagic

Fish length measurementAll fish in the image is measured, allowing for more accurate fish length measurement.

Image of conventional fish body length measurement
Measures the fish length only when the fish is detected alone
(Unmeasurable when viewed as a school of fish)
Image of conventional fish body length measurement
Image of AquaMagic fish body length measurement
Measures all the fish, one by one!
Image of AquaMagic fish body length measurement

Fish density measurementDirect measurement of each fish allows for more accurate measurement.

Conventional method
Estimates are based on fish populations, so that the measurements may be incorrect.
(Incorrect fish species and body size for determining density will reduce accuracy)
Conventional method
Less error due to direct counting
AquaMagic method

Enables an appropriate noise reduction by pressing a button to match the marine environment

Noise reduction level1
Noise reduction level2
Noise reduction level3
Noise reduction level4
Noise reduction level5
Adjusts the display according to the number of planktons in the sea.
※ If it increases the noise reduction, it may not be able to show the fish appropriately.

Easy installation & compact design for space-saving installation

※For fisheries:The standard display unit is a 10-12 inch tablet. Larger size tablets are available as an option.。
※For research institutes:11-15 inch PCs are standard for the display unit. Waterproof and splash-proof tablets and other options are also available.

Installs on a ship without the need for lifting

<Transducer correspondence table>
Transducer correspondence table
※When installing a compatible 200KHz transducer, please contact us for more details.

Detects the fish shadows even at a ship speed of 20 kt

<Comparison of images at 10kts>
Comparison of images at 10kts
With a maximum of 40 transmissions per sec, it detects fish shadows even in high-speed running environments, which was difficult in the past.
Customer Review [Akashi Fishing Guide Mr. Iwai]

For investigation and research organizations

Exclusive specification of AQM240R

Enables recording, playback, and trimming data acquired by AquaMagic!
Recording functions
・Screenshot function to record the image of the fish
・Recording function to save as fishfinder data
(Recorded data can be analyzed with MagicView analysis software)
<Playback image sample>
Playback and clipping functions
・Recorded data can be played backed on AquaMagic. It offers to review the acquired data.
・Equipped with a trimming function, which allows you to cut out a file only when the fish shadow appears.
※Please note that MagicView will not be able to playback or analyze some of the trimmed data.
<Sample image>
Portable and measurable on any vessel you choose! (Optional equipment)
Broadside bracket (mounting bracket/transducer attachment)
Broadside bracket (mounting bracket/transducer attachment)
Easy to connect the transducer cable to the display unit
Easy to connect the transducer cable to the display unit
※ When equipped with a broadside bracket, please sail at 5kt or less to avoid tipping due to wave resistance.
Using MagicView, a dedicated analysis software enables easy evaluation and analysis of resources! (Sold separately)
– Automatically generates various reports by just importing data recorded by AquaMagic.
Sample Visual

Sample Visual

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Transmission count1~40 times/sec
Transmission sound pressure220dB uPa
Transmission methodCDMA
Transmission pulse width1msec
Minimum detection depth2m〜
Maximum detection depth120m
Target fish size5cm~100cm
Signal processing unit dimensions and weight230 x 150 x 55 mm / 2.0kg (Protruding parts included)
Signal processing unit input voltage12V
Signal Processing Unit Power ConsumptionAverage power consumption 10W
Signal Processing Unit Operating Temperature Range0 – 50℃
Transducer dimemsions and weightΦ110 x 50mm ・ 2.5kg (Cable length:Φ11mm x 10m)・Directional Angle 5°
※Options reserved for research organizations
Broadside bracket dimensions (optional)Mounting bracket:350 (420) x 300 x 410 mm (Protruding parts included)
Transducer attachment jig:120 x 120 x 1450 (2500) mm (With extension pole attached)
Portable set dimensions (optional)380 x 455 x 205 mm
System Diagram
DisplayStandard SpecificationsFor fishing vessels and pleasure boat(AQM240F)10~11"tablet
For investigation and research organizations(AQM240R)11~15"tablet or PC

※Waterproof and splash-proof tablets and large PCs are also available as option
※Please contact us for more details.

Standard Specifications
For fishing vessels and pleasure boat(AQM240F)
For investigation and research organizations(AQM240R)
11~15"tablet or PC
※Options available only for research organizations
Options available only to research organizationsBroadside bracket
Portable set (waterproof with battery)