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Fish Identification beyond Fish finder

FINE Technology, the world’s first technology that can transmit ultrasonic waves 40 times and more per second, has achieved 100 times the resolution of conventional technology. It is now possible to display images of fish with greater detail than ever before.

Product Features

Product Features


Captures fish shadows even at a ship’s speed of 20 kt or more

Provides clearer image clarity using high frequency ultrasonic wave transmission even in high-speed driving environment, which was difficult to visualize with conventional fish finder (pulse type, chirp type)

<Comparison of image in driving at 10kt> Comparison of image in driving at 10kt

Space saving & easy installation

Easily installed with a single person by connecting the wiring (with supplementary tutorial)

Space-saving compact design and can be installed even in tight spaces

Can be installed without dock with a 200KHz transducer

※ Transducer for AquaMagic is available for sale (200AF8)

<Correspondence table of Transducer> Correspondence table of Transducer
<Signal Processing Unit> 振動子対応表
<Display 10.1″ Tablet> Display 10.1 Tablet

Optional Fish length measurement function / Density measurement function * 1 (Starting from July 2020)

Affordable high-technology fish finder function (Fish length measurement ¥ 5,000 / month, density measurement ¥ 2,000 / month)

*1: The fish length measurement has been successfully used on eel fish such as horse mackerel, mackerel, sea bream, sardines, yellowtail, and some tuna species.

<Fish length measurement> Fish length measurement
<Density measurement> Density measurement

The first industry’s color visualization function of fish length (Starting from July 2020)

Select the fish length and with the color you wish to view. You can know the size of the fish at a glance!


The first industry’s fish species prediction function (scheduled from January 2021)

Allows the prediction of the fish’s species using machine learning and analysis using previous registered information (date, time, fish species …). Today’s catch will be connected tomorrow.

Choose from 2 types: Personal version and Cloud version

Fish species prediction system
Choose from below
Sample Visual

Sample Visual

Product Specification

Product Specification

Product Specification
Number of transmissions1~40 times / s
Transmit sound pressure220dB uPa
Transmission methodCDMA
Transmit pulse width1msec / 2msec (170m option is selected)
Minimum detection start water depth75cm / 200cm (170m option is selected)
Maximum detection water depth100m / 170m (Can be selected as an option)
Target fish size5cm~100cm
Signal processing unit size and weight230 x 150 x 55 mm / 2.0kg (Including protrusion)
Signal processing unit input voltage12V
Signal processing unit power consumptionAverage power consumption 10W
Signal processing unit operating temperature range0 – 50℃
Display size and weight
*Actual product may differ at times
10.1″ (STD):280.0 x 180.1 x 18.3 mm ・980g (WUXGA 1920 x 1200) 12.1″:311.8 x 238.0 x 57.2 mm ・2.5kg (XGA TFT LED LCD 1024 x 768) 15.0″:383.2 x 307.3 x 55.9 mm ・4.4kg (XGA TFT LED LCD 1024 x 768)
Display 12V power connection method100V AC adapter
Display operating temperature range-10℃ ~ 50℃ (STD)・-20℃ ~ 60℃(12.1″、15.0″)
Display operating humidity 10% ~ 90% (STD) ・ 10% ~ 95% (12.1″、15.0″)
Transducer size / weightΦ110 x 50mm ・ 2.5kg
System Diagram
*Actual product may differ at times
Option 112.1″ (ADVANTECH TPC-1251T)
Option 215.0″ (ADVANTECH TPC-1551T(B))
USB CableSTD72″
Option 15m
Option 1Yes (Unique transducer of AquaMagic (200AF8))
Tablet*Actual product may differ at times
Option 112.1″ (ADVANTECH TPC-1251T)
Option 215.0″ (ADVANTECH TPC-1551T(B))
SB Cable
Option 15m
Option 1Yes (Unique transducer of AquaMagic (200AF8))

※An additional fee will be charged for options on top of initial cost ※Please contact us for detail information of options