Product Information

MagicView マジックビュー
Analysis software that brings out the best of the AquaMagic series
Analysis Software

– Offers various analyses such as track map, resource graph, and fish length graph and more.
– Identifies fish species with the labeling function

Product Features

Product Features


Offers a variety of data visualization options to meet your needs


Evaluates resources accurately by using the noise removal function


Assesses the ecology of marine resources at fixed points

– By importing data from MagicBuoy, a fixed-point observation device, it evaluates marine resources at fixed points (e.g., the attraction effect of fish reefs).
(Example of analysis: Ecological evaluation of marine resources near fish reefs when MagicBuoy is installed in the middle layer)
middle layer

Allows for more accurate system calibration

– Corrects data from salinity and water temperature
– Simple calibration is possible at the touch of a button

Identifies fish species by labeling function (Under development)

Register fish species to the fish data acquired by AquaMagic
As machine learning continues to learn, it will classify more fish species!


Suggested environment and others
Supported OSMicrosoft Windows10 (64-bit Edition)
CPUCore i5 or higher
System memory(RAM)16GB or more
HD300MB and over free space required
dpi1920 x 1080 pixels or higher and 32bit True Color
Max. number of registration units3 units (5, 7, 10 additional units are available to purchase)
※Renewal/support fee requires after the second year (5 years’ worth of bulk purchase is also available at the time of purchase)