The list of "Notice"

2022/15-Dec NOTICE

Featured on “Nikkei Shinbun!”

2022/18-Nov NOTICE

Featured on ”クラウド”検定”!

2022/22-Aug NOTICE

Featured in the Kobe Shimbun!

2022/28-May NOTICE

Empirical results of a survey on feeding damage at a Nori-agriculture farm using a high-precision fish finder!

2022/27-May NOTICE

Kobe City “Sea Project” Demonstration Results Released! (Verification of the effect by fixed-point observation after the installation of breeding grounds)

2022/10-May NOTICE

Sankei Shimbun introduced our business!

2022/13-Apr NOTICE

AquaMagic Customer’s Voice – Akashi Fishing Guide support TOMMY Mr. Iwai –

2022/06-Apr NOTICE

Our company was introduced in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun!

2022/22-Mar NOTICE

We spoke at the “SDGs Day for Global Challengers” held by the City of Kobe and Hyogo Prefecture on Mar-19th!

2022/15-Mar NOTICE

AquaMagic was introduced by Akashi Fishing Guide Support TOMMY!

2022/10-Mar NOTICE

Our company was introduced in “Introduction to Smart Fisheries”!

2022/14-Jan NOTICE

Our company was introduced in “Stairs of Inquiry”!

2022/08-Jan NOTICE

We are on TV program “Stairs of Inquiry” produced by TV TOKYO!!

2021/28-Jul NOTICE

Our company was introduced in the program of Nikkei News Plus 9

2021/06-Jul NOTICE

Our technology was introduced in NHK program of Ohayou Nippon.

2021/22-Mar NOTICE

We were introduced in an article by FNN Prime Online!

2021/12-Mar NOTICE

Featured in Gyoppy’s article😊

2020/25-Dec NOTICE

We have updated our web site!!

2020/22-Dec NOTICE

AquaMagic and MagicView is introduced in a newspaper!

2020/19-Nov NOTICE

AquaFusion Inc. have been nominated for the “Generation Award” category of 異能vation.

2020/01-Aug NOTICE

Company introduction Movie for 2020 IVS Launch Pad

2020/01-Aug NOTICE

We won the fifth place in 2020 IVS Launch Pad!

2020/19-Jun NOTICE

The website has been renewed!

2020/25-Feb NOTICE

A published interview article of representative Sasakura!

2020/15-Feb NOTICE

AquaMagic Information Session was held at Kata, Wakayama City

2020/15-Feb NOTICE

Exhibiting at the Miami Boat Show! (February 12 to 17, 2020)

2020/12-Jan NOTICE

AquaMagic and MagicView is introduced in a newspaper!