Explore Ocean Frontier with AquaMagic

Explore Ocean Frontier with AquaMagic


Underwater ultrasonic technology with a resolution 100 times higher resolution than that of conventional fishfinders will change the world's oceans.

"Giving back to the sea through technology" is the management philosophy of AquaFusion. The oceans surround Japan, and we have taken advantage of them,
but the fishery resources have been exhausted in recent years. Achieving sustainable fisheries and developing aquaculture is unavoidable to protect Japan's proud fish-eating culture.
Ocean development is also speeding up to ensure a stable energy supply.
To minimize the environmental and ocean impacts, we must explore the ocean accurately and efficiently. AquaFusion aims to solve these problems through innovative ultrasonic technology and
achieve "sustainable oceans = a world where people and oceans coexist in harmony."

The environment surrounding the ocean
1Depleted fishery resources

As a result of overfishing and other factors, the number of species considered to have adequate stocks currently represent only about 6% of the total. Regulations are getting tighter in catch limits for each size and fish species each year.

2Aquaculture becomes the key segment

Increasing demand for protein due to population growth
Efficient aquaculture production is now crucial

【Global production in fisheries】
3Ocean development will accelerate in the future

Securing a stable energy supply
Coexistence between people and the sea is necessary

【Global market in ocean development】
※Our estimated value


Fishfinders move into the era of fish species identification


- Automatic counting how many fish are in your aquaculture cage!
- Easy operation for measurement
- Voice notification of the number of fish
- Free support for 1 year after installation

(for fishing vessels and pleasure boats)


- Shows the size of fish and density of fish.
- Five levels of noise reduction adjustment to suit the environment
- Easy installation & compact design for space-saving installation
- Installs without the need for a dock if the transducer is compatible

(for investigation and Research Organizations)

AquaMagicFor Research

- High-tech fishfinder that can also be used as dimensioning and weighing detector
- Indicates the fish size and density of fish schools
- Offers portable processing for use on various vessels (optional)
- Imports data for resource assessment through MagicView, an analysis software

MGB-240 / MGB-241


- Enables fixed-point observation through a buoy equipped with a high-resolution dimensioning and weighing detector
  Enables research on the effectiveness of fish reefs in attracting fish.
- Allows measurement for up to about one month with our original, low-power consumption technology
- Indicates the fish size and density (number of tails) of fish schools

MagicView マジックビュー
Analysis Software


- Brings out the best of the AquaMagic series
- Offers various analyses such as track map, resource graph, and fish length graph and more
- Identifies fish species with the labeling function (under development)